Cold Moon Speaks


I am the silent stabilizer.
Don’t underestimate my power.
Without the strength of my spinning boulder, 
planet earth would go crashing into the sun.

My tidal lock is the main switch of the tides, 
keeps planet Earth from flooding
with even more devastation than Noah’s time.

The main stay of my hub and I turn
like a clock’s well-greased gears
around the bright blue living planet.

Through my monocle perception,
I am omnipresent.
Even when out of sun’s spotlight, 
I thrive in shadows of night. Unafraid.


Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, a native Philadelphia poet, is author of four full-length poetry collections and most recently a chapbook, COVID-19 2020 A Poetic Journal (Moonstone Press, 2021). Published in North American Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sequestrum Journal of Literature & Arts, Chiron Review, The Pennsylvania Literary Journal, and Brushfire Literature
& Arts Journal, among others. She is poetry editor at North of Oxford’s online literary journal and
currently teleworks full-time for the government.


Published by

The Green Shoes

The Green Shoe Sanctuary was created to be a creative space for authors to showcase their short stories.

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